Julia Ganglbauer

Julia Ganglbauer

Member of the Management Board

Beware: enthusiasm is infectious

Julia Ganglbauer embarked on a path as a dedicated Biogena ambassador when she assumed responsibility for the CRS agendas in August 2015. This also marked a paradigm shift in taking on responsibility on one’s own initiative.

Julia Ganglbauer particularly enjoys supporting different personalities in a situational context as well as creating frameworks for teams and their various dynamics in organisational development. Based on the motto “from the inside out”, Julia Ganglbauer enjoys the experience of encounters with other people. She wants to set an example and make a powerful contribution to better health and well-being, on a corporate level as well as for society as a whole.

Julia Ganglbauer is responsible for the Biogena store teams, the team of 20 Miracon Science scientists and for CSR, value and culture management within the Biogena Group. As the company spokeswoman, Julia Ganglbauer wants to use her voice specifically to bring together health-conscious people and systems.

Career change – this term demonstrates Julia Ganglbauer’s fundamental attitude to making things possible: lifelong learning and proactively seizing opportunities, taking control of one’s fitness for the future and growing together with emotional intelligence, intuition and the capacity to learn. Here at the Biogena Group, Julia Ganglbauer experiences first-hand how confidence – in general and assuming responsibility as a younger person in particular – is the basis for developing potential and personal growth.

Julia Ganglbauer was born in Vöcklabruck in 1989 and simultaneously forged ahead with both her studies and professional life from the age of 18. She loves to take ownership and assume responsibility. Her career path started in university, where she studied “Strategic corporate management and business administration”. She was then employed by a listed industrial group, where she was involved in developing integrated reporting and international sustainability management, before making the conscious move to the family-owned Biogena. 360-degree management and the consistent pursuit of the value and culture brackets, as well as the mission of the Biogena Group, promote purpose and naturally provide energy for an active life.

Consistent value orientation, a culture of work-life integration and equal opportunities for everyone are all close to Julia Ganglbauer’s heart. As the chairwoman of the “Biogena hilft!” association, she also assumes social responsibility, gives keynote speeches at educational institutions, and implements networking formats for companies. She has also written numerous articles in cooperation with Albert Schmidbauer for the series of CRS management books by Prof René Schmidpeter on Biogena’s best cases. Julia Ganglbauer also views the “Austrian of the Year 2017” award that was bestowed on her for making Biogena a family-friendly company as an opportunity to foster awareness of management approaches that are fit for the future throughout the industry.

The native Upper Austrian lives in the green state of Bavaria, Germany, close to the gates of Salzburg for all intents and purposes. This means she is flexibly positioned and ready for take-off to all the major cities of the world while being able to feast her eyes on the wonders of nature at her own doorstep. Enjoyment in every shape and form, mindfulness, meditation and regularly crossing her comfort zone from the air all shape her life. Julia Ganglbauer has taken advantage of the opportunity to develop her own fitness for the future by attending various coaching and leadership training courses and through the individual support of coaches, mentors and trusted third parties. Her actions are always driven by her personal core values of enthusiasm, responsibility and focus.

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